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Q: How many adherents of Matrixism are there?
A: As of this time over two thousand people have emailed us proclaiming Matrixism as their religion.

Q: What is a follower of The path of the One called?
A: A follower of Matrixism can be referred to as either a Pathist or a Matrixist.

Q: To what countries has Matrixism spread?
A: To our knowledge The path of the One has spread to; Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Q: How can you be a follower of another religion and be a follower of Matrixism at the same time?
A: From the perspective of Matrixism it is quite easy. Unlike most other religions, The path of the One does not have an exclusivity clause as part of its canon. This is a significant and unique part of Matrixism that differentiates it from other religions.

Q: Do Matrixists actually believe that the reality we live in is a computer generated simulation?
A: No. Matrixism looks at the "computer simulation" aspect of The Matrix as a metaphor for the rules, norms and values of our current society. This metaphor also refers to hyperreality (i.e. television, radio, internet, etc.) which effects people in much the same way as raw (i.e. real) experience. The subject of hyperreality is addressed in the book Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard. A hollowed out copy of Silmulacra and Simulation makes an appearance at the beginning of The Matrix.

Q: How is the connection made between the "red pill" and psychedelics?
A: In the Wachowski brother's original script of The Matrix the character Neo asks "What's this, mescaline?" after having taken the red pill. Apparently, Warner Brothers or the Wachowski brothers themselves thought this was too obvious so the reference was moved to somewhere earlier in the script. In a subsequent interview the Wachowskis said that the idea of the "red pill" was inspired by psychedelics.

Q: Why isn't there more interpretation of the films as a part of Matrixism?
A: In this regard Matrixism is similar to the Protestant Reformation in its innovation that people should read and interpret the bible for themselves instead of relying on priests to do it for them. The path of the One requires its adherents to not only research the films for themselves but also religion and science generally. A list of recommended reading can be found in The Matrixism Bookstore.

Q: Are there any religious rules or laws associated with Matrixism?
A: Yes. The first is that the human image is now banned from all forms of advertising and marketing. The second is that pornography has now been made tantamount to prostitution and is thus fully abrogated. Thirdly all forms of file sharing of recorded music and motion pictures are now sanctioned and encouraged. Fourth same-sex marriage is now sanctioned with the caveat that male couples may not adopt children. Fifth there are now only five types of marriage allowed. They are; of that between a man and a woman, of that between a woman and two men, of that between a man and two women, of that between two women and finally of that between two men. Sixth all forms of professional athletic competition have now been abrogated.

Q: Are there any holy days associated with Matrixism?
A: The first official holiday of Matrixism is Bicycle Day. It falls on April 19th the anniversary of Albert Hoffman's historic experiment with psychedelics and his consequent bicycle ride which took place in 1943. This is a day of celebration in the Matrixist community marked by the giving of gifts, bicycle trips, joyful picnics, and other festive activities. Also the anniversary of Aldous Huxley's, C.S. Lewis' and John F. Kennedy's passing (all the same day in 1963) is observed on November 22nd as the Day of Remembrance and Reflection. On this day, as well as on Bicycle Day, all work activities are suspended as Pathists around the world celebrate, remember and reflect.

Q: Are there any causes that are supported by Matrixism?
A: Yes. Critical Mass and the National Association to Protect Children are the only two external causes supported by The path of the One. Critical Mass is a monthly bicycle ride taking place in cities and towns around the world. It is designed to promote bicycling as an environmentally sound form of transportation and to assert cyclists' rights to the use of the road. The National Association to Protect Children is a political action group focused on improving laws designed to protect children from abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Q: Who created Matrixism?
A: The Wachowski brothers for the most part but also Aldous Huxley, C.S. Lewis and Abdul Baha. It is important to note that these people have stood on "the shoulders giants" men like the Buddha and Jesus Christ. This most recent codification of The path of the One is being done by an anonymous group in consultation with friends and followers.

Q: Could I, or someone that I know, be the One?
A: It is possible but know also that "The path of the One is made by the many." The path begins with the knowledge contained in The Matrixism Bookstore. Though many will understand and use this information only the One will synthesize it into his own book and law.

Q: How do you know that Matrixism is right?
A: In matters of fact there is plenty of scientific evidence to support our beliefs. In the matter of faith that this is a true path we cite prodigious signs. A small fraction of the signs we speak of are plain for all to see. In this way it is the same as it ever was.

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