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References to "The Matrix" from Baha'i Scripture;
"In the beginning of his human life man was embryonic in the world of the matrix."
~pg. 225 PUP*
"Before his first or physical birth man was in the world of the matrix. He had no knowledge of this world; his eyes could not see; his ears could not hear. When born from the matrix, he beheld another world."
~pg. 304 PUP*
"Similarly, as long as man is in the matrix of the human world, as long as he is the captive of nature, he is out of touch and without knowledge of the universe of the Kingdom. If he attains rebirth while in the world of nature, he will become informed of the divine world. He will observe that another and a higher world exists."
~pg. 305 PUP*
The Daniel Institute for Dream Interpretation
"Therefore, for the perfect man there are two kinds of birth: the first, physical birth, is from the matrix of the mother, the second, or spiritual birth, is from the world of nature. In both he is without knowledge of the new world of existence he is entering. Therefore, rebirth means his release from the captivity of nature, freedom from attatchment to this mortal and material life."
~pg. 305 PUP*
"The majority of people are captives in the matrix of nature, submerged in the sea of materiality. We must pray that they may be reborn, that they may attain insight and spiritual hearing, that they may receive the gift of another heart, a new transcendent power, and in the eternal world the unending bestowal of divine bounties."
~pg. 305 PUP*
* The Promulgation of Universal Peace by A. Baha, 1912.