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"This is the core where we broadcast our pirate signal and hack into the matrix."

It is essential to the path of the One that the message of Matrixism gets out to as many people as is humanly possible. Right now this is our most important mission. Listed below are various methods that can be used to accomplish this.

1. Email the URL for the Matrixism website directly to individuals and institutions.
2. Post threads or comments about Matrixism, including its URL, on internet forums and message boards.
3. Write the word "Matrixism" and draw its sign using traditional methods of graffiti.
4. Record the URL for Matrixism into books at your local library or bookstore.

Though perhaps not a traditional method of graffiti stickers are arguably the most expediant way to get the message of Matrixism out onto the wood, stone, concrete, glass and steel of our society. Below are some examples of Matrixism stickers in action.

San Francisco (USA).

Aukland (New Zealand), Darjeeling (India).

Oxford (UK), Portland (USA).

Making stickers is easy and inexpensive. To learn how you can make Matrixism stickers click anywhere you see the word stickers on this page. You can also get to the sticker making page by clicking on the image of the sign of the One shown below.